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Payroll Overview



This Infosheet details the overview of the payroll process and information you need to know


The payroll of your organisation will be handled by either your dedicated finance team or the payroll department depending on the size of your payroll. This will be communicated to you by your finance team.
The Payroll department, which consists of Angela, Mache and Robyn can be reached on or 0203 950 3997.

Timelines & Dates

If your payroll is handled by the payroll department, the payroll process begins on the 19th of the month (this is subject to change depending on whether the 19th falls on a weekend or Bank Holiday).

You will receive an email with a spreadsheet attached for you to complete to tell us about the payroll that you would like processed for the month as well as new joiners and leavers.
Your payroll reports will then be prepared and sent to you to review and approve and following your approval, we submit the Full Payment Summary to HMRC on the 26th and send your employees their payslips. Please make sure that your payments to staff are either on or after this date, to ensure compliance with HMRC’s rules.

If your payroll is handled by your finance team, you will be earning a fixed salary so they will run the payroll, submit the Full Payment Summary to HMRC and send you your payslip on the 26th.

Useful links

  • New employee – When you have new joiners, please ask that they complete this questionnaire
  • Auto – Enrolments & NEST – You can read more about the NEST pension scheme* which we can set up and run for you.

*-NEST is only necessary if you have non-director employees on your payroll, earning above the lower earnings limit of £6,240 per year

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