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I’m Oliver Cooper,

the Director of Nimble Accounting Ltd. I trained as an accountant with Deloitte in London, which, as well as the all the technical skills, taught me the value of quality. Since then I’ve worked in a number of different companies as a Financial Controller, a Finance Director and a CFO. At Nimble, I use the skills I have developed throughout my career to ensure that your business gets a real finance partner, to give your business the growth and success you deserve.


We know that you want the best possible chance of success and business growth, so that’s what we focus on, entirely. Your business needs excellent advice, tax efficiency and a very competitive price to keep your overheads low. And you need to focus on your strengths; not bookkeeping and accounting. Our entire business model is structured around making this happen.

We aren’t a software company, so we don’t develop software. Instead, we focus our time on giving our clients the best possible service. We let software companies work on the software.

““I’m from a family of small business owners. My dad, step-
dad, mum, and brother all run their own businesses. They
all enjoy what they do, but despise the bookkeeping and
accounting side of their businesses.””

— Oliver Cooper, Director

“I was chatting to my dad one day about his business and he told me how much he paid for his accountant; I was shocked at how much he was paying someone to do what could only be described as the ‘bare minimum’ of sorting through some receipts at the end of each year, filing tax returns, and putting together some basic accounts on an Excel spreadsheet.

I spent the next couple of days mulling over two things; firstly, how can this accountant justify charging this amount for what should be a very simple and straightforward task; secondly, surely in this day and age, there must be a better way of doing this.

So, I started to look at what exists. I found software company after software company selling fantastic products to small businesses. But this isn’t what I was looking for. What my dad needed was someone to use the software for him. He needed someone to reassure him that his tax return was fine, and that he was as tax efficient as possible at the same time.

There are accountants that do this. But they still approach bookkeeping and accounting in an outdated and inefficient way. They still have their high street office. They still accept a box full of receipts at the end of each month or year. They talked about being ‘cloud accountants’ but the service offering wasn’t improved because of this and the price was the same as any other accountant.

From that point, Nimble was born. From the start, Nimble’s business model centres itself around the best technology available.

We’re not a software provider; there are plenty of those. We’re an accountancy firm for the generation of business owners that know that the proper use of technology gives them better service at more affordable price.

We don’t have high street office. In fact, we don’t have an office in the UK at all. We have an office in Johannesburg, South Africa. All our clients use cloud accounting software, so why base ourselves in the UK, when we can instead be somewhere where our clients can get more for less.”

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